What is Afzal Ready2Go?

AFZAL Shisha Tobacco offers you a satisfying smoking experience like none other, strong and long lasting flavour, great clouds and smooth on the throat.
With AFZAL in your hookah bowl, you are ready to blow thick smoke clouds and enjoy a world class Hookah smoking experience.
All tobacco products are UK Duty Paid.

Afzal UK has developed a unique 2-stage mix-your-own product called Ready2Go.

Our stock is supplied in “kit form”, you will receive:
Stage 1: Ready-conditioned & Pre-Flavoured Tobacco
Stage 2: Ready2Go Shisha Enhancer Liquid
Simply add all of the pre-measured liquid to the tobacco in the mixing pouch provided, mix well, re-seal and leave for minimum 48 hours before smoking. The longer you leave it to steep, the better it becomes! (Optimum is 2 weeks at room temp)

Smokes just like the original Afzal we all know and love, but by separating out the constituents in this manner, you are not paying tobacco excise duty on excessive juice, thereby offering you the cheapest duty-paid product in the UK, without compromising on quality. We have also removed the red colouring, who wants to smoke nasty E-numbers anyway! Afzal only uses the most premium of tobaccos, so we wanted to show off its natural bright golden colour.

Don’t support the criminal black market shisha industry!
Afzal SOEX is one of the world’s largest and longest-established shisha producers, and all products go through stringent Quality Control processes prior to release – both in India and the UK.


Step 1

Open tobacco pouch and carefully add ALL of Ready2Go liquid.

Afzal bombay nights pan raas shisha flavour

Step 2

Reseal pouch and massage well to thoroughly mix, paying attention to corners and top


Leave for minimum 48 hours at room temp before smoking. The longer it’s left to steep, the better it becomes, optimum is after 2 weeks!

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